Ridaba has a team of professional deliverers that are trained to take good care of your orders. We have a 100% satisfaction policy that is part of our culture

We use paper bags to pack your grocery. Also we don’t charge $0.05 for a plastic bag (like some others do!). All our paper bags are free of charge and above all environmental friendly!


How much?

It's not expensive at all ! Delivery prices for your individual order are shown clearly at checkout.

Total order (before taxes) :

Less than $100: $5.99 delivery fee

Between $100 and 149 :$2.99 delivery fee

More than $149: Free delivery


How long?

All the orders placed before 3PM can be delivered the same day between 8 and 10PM (unless otherwise stated in your order, at checkout)

You can choose when you want to receive your order, delivery slots are available for you to choose at checkout process.